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Texas Republican Senator Bob Hall Introduces Bill To Fight Food That Doesn’t Even Exist

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Texas Republican Senator Bob Hall has introduced a bill to require food manufactures to include on their label if that food contains “human fetal tissue” and the food must be “clearly and conspicuously labeled.” To be clear, food does not contain aborted fetuses, much to the dismay of the adrenochrome Q-Anon crowd. If the bill Bob Hall introduced passes in Texas, where literally owning an encylopedia is against the law, Bob Hall’s bill would also apply to food that is “manufactured using human fetal tissue,” or “derived from research using “derived from research using human fetal tissue.” Medical and cosmetic products that have links to fetal tissue would also be subject to these requirements. Bob Hall’s bill defines “fetal tissue” as “tissue, cells, or organs obtained from an aborted unborn child.” The food just simply does not exist.

The FDA has issued a statement regarding this senseless waste of taxpayer money stating:

“There are no conditions under which the FDA would consider human fetal tissue to be safe or legal for human or animal consumption,” 

– Food and Drug Administration

If the issue seems stupid, its because it is. Texas is full of alt-right Q-Anon conspiracy theorists who believe that politicians and movie stars alike drink the blood of the unborn. They waited at the AT&T Discovery Plaza waiting for the ghost of John F. Kennedy, Jr.. The crowd believed that Kennedy, who died in a plane crash 22 years ago and who was the son of the former president, (and incidentally, a Democrat) would reappear to announce that former President Donald Trump actually won the last presidential election. Bob Hall’s bill is nothing but a divisive dog-whistle to signal the conspiracy theorists to rally in advance of the next election. QAnon held (falsely) that elite Democrats are running a cannibalistic, Satan-worshiping, child sex-trafficking ring. QAnon’s beliefs are linked to antisemitic and anti-LGBTQ tropes that hold that Jewish and LGBTQ people are trying to hurt children, and even drink their blood. These conspiracies, which have flourished partly through lockdown isolationism and election denialism, have radicalized a stunning number of Americans and torn families apart.

Bob Hall’s bill could have unintended (or possibly intended, depending on your perspective) ramifications on medical research. Fetal cell lines are sometimes used to develop and test drugs. These lines are collected from a single miscarriage or abortion, then replicated in labs, over and over again, for decades, which reduces cost of that medical research at minimum. Cell lines derived from aborted fetal tissue can be preferable, both because it’s easier to collect and because fetal tissue derived from a miscarriage may carry whatever genetic or chromosomal problem may have caused the miscarriage in the first place. Fetal cell lines have led to development of many major vaccines, such as the vaccines against chickenpox and Hepatitis A. One thing is for certain. America does not look good as a unit right now.

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