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Hi! I’m Deric Lostutter

Deric Lostutter is an activist that was incarcerated in 2016 for his roll in the hacker/activist group, Anonymous, and sought to fight corruption. Since his release from federal prison, Deric Lostutter has attended college, now works in law, and is leading several landmark civil litigation cases to protect civil rights. Deric founded a successful credit repair company, Skye High Credit, and launched a felon re-entry program to help felons fix their credit, attain housing, and reduce recidivism rates.

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11:30 pm. 4 cases down, 1 federal, 2 websites, 20 credit repair clients processed, dinner cooked, college work done, child in bed, wife in bed, all A’s in class, new term begins soon, 2 trials won this week. If anyone has an extra red bull, now would be the time.

The team at @Twitter is slacking. Its been over a week since I simply changed my profile pic, and lost my blue check. But @ElonMusk can do it and keep his no problem. I just want to update a better angle of my beard without him capitalizing on holding on an 8-spot for weeks.

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