Deric Lostutter

Hi! I’m Deric Lostutter

Deric Lostutter is an activist most known for his previous roll in the hacker/activist group, Anonymous, and sought to fight corruption. Deric Lostutter has attended college, now works in law, and is leading several landmark civil litigation cases to protect civil rights. Deric founded a successful credit repair company, Skye High Credit, and launched a felon re-entry program to help felons fix their credit, attain housing, and reduce recidivism rates.

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Kentucky Activist @DericLostutter Files Motion for Emergency Preliminary Injunction Against Kentucky Senate Bill 150. cc @KYGOP Read more here:

New Regulations for Delta-8 THC Products in Kentucky Set to Begin in August 2023. Read more here:

Winchester, Kentucky Drag Show Fundraiser Raises $12,580.56 for Leeds Center for the Arts and Brings Community Together. Read more here:

Drag Show in Eastern Kentucky Cancelled Due to Safety Concerns. Read more here:

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