WTOV9 News Ignores Husband’s Plea


I received a phone call from the husband of indicted defendant Dawn Hutchison, whom WTOV9 refers to as Dawn Liggett.

Dawn Liggett was indicted this month in the stabbing of her husband, Jeffery Hutchison.

Speaking with Jeffery, he explained to me that he has asked WTOV9 to stop using a demeaning photograph of his wife and dragging her through the mud. Explaining, with paperwork, that she sufferes from multiple mental illnesses, including P.T.S.D. and dis-associative personality disorder.

WTOV9 has stated to Jeffery that they would “look into it”, but has not stopped using the requested photograph, even though Dawn has made multiple court appearances and would have plenty of photos to choose from.

A WTOV9 insider told me confidentially, that “it is all about ratings and reactions”.

Jeffery stated that his wife does not deserve what is happening to her, and just needs help.

Dawn recently lost her mother, and had sought help from a local psychiatrist in Wintersville for self mutilation.

Dawn was then released on her own recognizance with the psychiatrist stating that she was fine.

One week later, Dawn was barefoot in the woods, and in a suicidal standoff with police.

2 hours later, Dawn complied with police, putting the gun down, in which 2 officers attacked her, rolling her onto her gun, which went off, injuring Dawn in the hip.

The lack of police training, and mental care in the Steubenville area not only further damaged Dawn’s mental state, but ensured that she went to jail instead of a psychiatric care facility.


There is a strong lack of rehabilitation for the mentally ill, and drug addicts in the Ohio valley, which leads to people like Dawn being incarcerated in a for-profit prison system instead of receiving the proper care and rehabilitation to become a functioning part of society.

Instead of treating the problem by building these facilities, Steubenville has no choice but to send the offenders to jail, worsening their situation and ultimately fixing nothing.

Drug overdoses caused 2,110 deaths in the year 2013 in Ohio with opiates responsible for more than 70 percent of those deaths.

The time has come for not only WTOV9 to stop abusing the mentally ill, but also for the Steubenville area to erect the proper care facilities to rehabilitate it’s citizens instead of profiting off of their illnesses by mass incarceration.

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