Un-redacted Leaked Facebook Chat Shows Terry Elvis’ Right Hand Man, Bill Barrett, Planned Kidnapping

Bill Barrett

Speak out against Terry Elvis, or his underlying motives into the disappearance of his daughter, Heather Elvis, and your family and friends are targeted by an angry online mob of fake profiles, waving their pitchforks and torches.

Such is the threat issued to Beth Hebda, a local to the area where 20 year old Heather Elvis made headlines in 2013 when she went missing, presumably at PeachTree Landing in South Carolina.

Terry Elvis

Terry Elvis, the father of Heather Elvis, who has been missing for 3 years now, has offered up money, presumably for donations, for the identification of one “Emily Mooda”, rumored to be Horry County resident, Beth Hebda.

He issued a call on the “FindHeatherElvis” Facebook page to out anyone that spoke out, trying to protect their identity, offering rewards, and suggesting that the “communities” decide how to best deal with them.

Terry’s friend, Bill Barrett,.also known as William Christopher Barrett who worked just blocks from where Brittanee Drexel went missing in 2009, was appointed head of search after Terry Elvis collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations, and inexplicably firing the CUE center for missing persons search team.

Bill was accused, and one of two people arrested, on obstruction of searches, planting false evidence to speed up the trial, and the railroading taking place against the Moorer family, who have since had their murder charges dropped, and a mistrial issued from the indecisive verdict in Sidney Moorer’s trial in the kidnapping of young Heather Elvis.

In the very same news interview, Terry denies knowing Bill, but then states that he has “always been a good friend of mine”, further proving Terry’s character.

Since then, Terry has distanced himself, at least to the public, from his best bud Bill Barrett, but not before Bill and friends hatched a plot to help Terry abduct “Emily Mooda” by intoxicating her at a local bar, claiming they would “take one for the team” by seducing a drunk Beth Hebda.

Terry Elvis

Alarmingly enough, photos of young Heather Elvis plaster the walls of these would-be sexual predators, who, in private, make a game out of her disappearance and the suggested torture of innocent bystanders voicing their 1st amendment rights.

Terry Elvis

Terry Elvis Terry Elvis


Then, things went deep, as mentions of deadly weapons, including a scoped rifle, circulated through the group chat of the stalkers looking to “take out” those who spoke out against Terry Elvis.

Terry Elvis Terry Elvis


Discussing the innocent woman sexually, planning to aim deadly weapons at her and her residence, they went on to discuss other ways to violate local and federal laws, and observe Ms. Hebda, disclosing they had a small set of high powered Nikon binoculars for use.


Terry Elvis  Terry Elvis



When researching these leaked chats, I noticed that someone else who was arrested for obstruction was a participant, Garrett Starnes, who was another one of the main people participating in the search for Heather after Terry Elvis fired CUE.


Terry Elvis Terry Elvis Terry Elvis


Not shockingly, these obsessive, criminal stalkers took matters further, riding by her house, and photographing vehicles in Ms. Hebda’s driveway, trying to analyze license plate numbers so they could track her movements.

Terry Elvis

Terry Elvis Terry Elvis Terry Elvis


Terry Elvis


True to Terry’s alleged violent nature of burning down his ex’s house for the insurance money, he issued this threat, describing what some psychiatrists would call, a “serial killer’s trait of pyromania” as well:

Terry Elvis



Terry’s family, and Terry Elvis, have testified through social media and various other interactions, that they do not have any regard to human life.

Ms. Hebda was unfairly, and criminally targeted, to the knowledge of the Elvis family, without being reported.

To my knowledge, no attack was ever carried out, but this simple conspiracy to commit federal crimes could lock away the participants for far longer than they would expect, including Terry, who offered the reward.

Terry is not the man he portrays himself to be, instead, leading a false persona of prayer, stability and strength, while issuing threats, pulling strings, and misplacing what can only be assumed to be donations for the search of Heather that was cut too short for no reason.

I hope that one day we find Heather, but with her father’s murderous undertone, and the extent to which his friends will go to cover up or keep people quiet, I doubt that we will.

The only thing for certain?

This plot, known to members of the Elvis family, sounds eerily familiar to the very charges they are trying to pin against Sidney and Tammy Moorer.

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7 thoughts on “Un-redacted Leaked Facebook Chat Shows Terry Elvis’ Right Hand Man, Bill Barrett, Planned Kidnapping

  1. Robert Austin Stanley

    Idk. These statements are very harsh to hear. I did attend socastee at the same time with her sister. and worked with her at tilted kilt. I’m not saying your right or wrong. But still. It was a tragic event for the whole area of socastee. I wonder if the family has even seen this article bc like I said it was a horrific event for the area. I just really hope you’re just making this up.

  2. Brenda Hetwall

    Deric, are you still alive. These people sound nuts..

  3. Believe it or not, I would rather be wrong. It just seems that I am not the more that I dig up.

  4. Cindi Broome

    Hi Deric, I have promoted your blogs, by cause I believe you are helping a lot of people.
    The blog you wrote about me, well its done a lot of damage. My family and Lisa’s family has turned against and on me.
    Could you please write Lisa Lanier and tell her, I was not the one who gave you the text. Nor have I ever had contact with you. Or however you can to get the word out to her.
    Thanks Cindi.

  5. Hi Cindi,

    Thank you for your promotion of these articles, and I appreciate your concern, and agree that we have never spoken directly.

    I have reached out to Lisa to let her know that it was not you who gave me this information. Furthermore, I didn’t identify either of you, until Lisa confirmed the truth of this article in her online rants.

    I can only hope that one day she sees justice done for how Terry Elvis violated her and wish you both the very best.

  6. […] This contact had been paid to fly down to Myrtle Beach from North Carolina to help search after finding out the identity of “Emily Mooda” a.k.a. Beth Hebda, who Bill Barrett and other friends of the Elvis’ planned to kidnap and assault. […]

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