Terry Elvis’ Ex-Girlfriend, Karen, Comes Forward

Heather Elvis

You may be familiar with the current trials of Sidney and Tammy Moorer of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Heather Elvis, just a young woman in her 20’s, had an affair with Sidney, and went missing shortly thereafter.

Since then, Sidney and Tammy Moorer have had their murder charges dropped, and a body has never been found.

They currently remain on trial for kidnapping, though no proof has ever been brought they Heather was even with the either of the Moorers the night she disappeared.

Instead, the prosecution is relying on motive, a disgruntled wife, who, like every other jilted woman would, sent ominous text messages to her husband’s mistress in what can only be explained as the worst possible timing ever.

Understandably, there has been a witch hunt against the Moorer family. Their children and relatives have suffered because of it.

However, recent facts and allegations have been brought to light, regarding Heather planning to come forward about being sexually abused by Terry Elvis, Terry’s blatant racist Photobucket and Heather’s African-American boyfriend, the purchase of a blade from E-Bay by Terry Elvis, and even Terry Elvis discussing how to hide a body.

Terry has a large criminal history, mostly for fraud, and has garnered thousands in donations in the disappearance of his daughter.

But, Terry Elvis has another daughter who is now grown, and moved away to escape Terry Elvis with her mother, after her mother says she ended what was a violent and controlling relationship.

I spoke with Terry’s ex-girlfriend Karen Wilcox on recorded phone call in Mid-May.



Since then, I have been providing the evidence she has provided to the lead Solicitor on the case, who wanted to pursue the leads, however the Solicitor stated that Horry County Sheriff’s would have to head the investigation.

He filed the report, and our pleas fell upon deaf ears.

Karen detailed a controlling relationship in the late 1980’s where Terry, who was chronically unemployed, traveled the United States on “business” escorting “packages” to various locations, and at any given time, had a constant sum of cash around $1000 USD in his pocket.

She claims that he may have been running drugs, and all of her close relatives and friends feel the same.

More alarmingly, she stated that Terry Elvis had hatched a plot to burn down their trailer, on a property that is now a vacant field on PeachTree landing where Heather Elvis disappeared December 18th 2013, for the insurance money in the late 1980’s.

“I was too scared to say anything” she said. She also stated that Terry would follow her around town if she’d try to leave, and “time” her travel home from work.

Alyssa, now in her 20’s lives in the mid-west, far away from her father, Terry Elvis, whom she has had little contact with.

“She checks over her shoulder every day, and describes taking unnecessary turns on her way home, she is afraid of him” Karen said.

Karen finally came forward about the trailer, because she feels that the lot, which is no longer in Terry’s name, needs to be scanned with ground penetrating radar and that she “can’t sleep at night until it happens”.

I forwarded this evidence, the address, and other evidence that I have uncovered while working this case for the past 8 months, to the lead investigator at the Horry County Solicitor’s office with whom I have remained in contact with for some time now.

Terry Elvis, then a felon unbeknownst to Karen, was said to always have 2 or more pistols on his person at all times, which coincides with testimony from various witnesses who say that he stays presently armed, violating federal law.

When asking Karen about their relationship, she describes him as “cold” and “calculated” and an introvert, stating that he was quick to temper.

“He would get up in my face, threaten me, threaten to kill me” she said.

I asked Karen if she thought he would kill Heather if she was about to come forward with damning information, or found out about illegitimate money, and she stated “definitely”.

Karen said that money is what Terry Elvis loved most, and that he even stole from past employers and friends.

What little job he could hold, was always abruptly sabotaged by his kleptomania and fraudulent acts according to Karen.

Interesting factoid – most, if not all mental health experts agree that burning down residences or pyromania is an early warning sign of a killer.

Did Terry kill his daughter?

Could a man who was so quick to abandon and disregard an infant daughter have blatant disregard for another person’s life?

Could Heather be buried at PeachTree Landing, and the Horry County law enforcement, eager to put this tragedy behind them, be railroading the wrong people?

According to his ex-girlfriend of more than 4 years, Karen Wilcox, the answer is “definitely”.

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