Summer is Coming

Deric Lostutter at Natural Bridge KY

Summer is Coming

By: Deric Lostutter


I will be 29 years old. Where has the time gone? I remember like yesterday, skateboarding everywhere, waiting for the next c.d. to come out of my favorite artist or band.

Anti-Jog was a technology that was amazing to us skateboarders at that time. Now we could cruise the streets and jam out without our music skipping!

How far have I come since a youth though?

What have I experienced?

I grew up kind of rough. Typical lower-class american struggles. Some Christmases were more pleasant then others. My parent’s did what they could, and I was a rebellious teenager.

Roaming the streets all hours of the night, trouble often found me more often than not. I have had an inner rage built up in me for years that I only recently let go. A rage that stemmed from watching my mother get beat, from being betrayed by some of my best friends, and from always encountering hardships.

I held a self hatred for the trouble that I have caused myself for some time as well. Trusting nobody for years, until I met my wife.

One day, I woke up and had an epiphany.

That’s life.

I’ve watched people be born, and I have watched people struggle to survive.

I have watched people flourish, and good people fail.

That’s life. Everything is a cycle that eventually evens out.

I have grown so much in the past 5 years, mostly out of necessity.

I used to hate the world around me, homeless at times, little to no job opportunities.

I quit blaming the world, and took charge of my own future.

I couldn’t find work, so I made work.

I got myself together, found love, found home, and flourished.

I would often take hikes in the mountains.

Reaching the peak I would sit and stare at the sky, then the untouched nature below, and realize how trivial material things really are.

There are no bills out here, no politics, no hatred or vile behavior. No sense of betrayal, no need to fit in. Out here, there is only nature.

The animals live together, work together, and provide food for one another. Carnivores and herbivores spotted living in perfect symbiosis. If they could live together peacefully, why couldn’t humans?

Joe Rogan once said, that as he was flying across the country, he would see lush mountain ranges, then a brown dead spot that would be a city. He likened human kind to a cancerous sore on the Earth.

He was right.

It doesn’t have to be that way though.

Together we can all live in harmony if we choose to put aside our own petty needs, selfish tendencies, envy, greed, and hatred.

Tá mé mo Demon féin – I am my own demon (Irish Gaelic translation)

That day on the mountain, I realized I was my own enemy, and I let it all go.

I found peace.

Summer is coming.


Deric Lostutter is a social activist and investigative journalist living in North Carolina with his wife.

He is currently engaged in multiple lawsuits against a growing list of people who have stalked and harassed him and his family for years, costing him employment, homes, and reputation. 

If you would like to donate to help Deric’s cause, you may do so at 

A portion of the proceeds raised and won will go to anti-bullying charities nationwide. 

If you would like to book Deric to speak about his experiences, you may do so via the contact form at

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