More Reports Confirm Heather Elvis Spoke Out About Molestation

Heather Elvis

In the photograph below of a private conversation with the then 14 year old alleged rape victim of Terry Elvis, you can find a woman contacting her, who affirms multiple previously released allegations of Terry Elvis’ fraud habits, arson, and even the allegations that Terry Elvis’ had molested Heather Elvis for quite some time.

Independent sources very close to the family have also confirmed that Heather Elvis was speaking out more and more about the abuse she experienced, as she had recently been forced to live in her car prior to her disappearance.

The photo below also alleges that Terry is quick to temper, and was unwilling to spend any of the money raised on Heather Elvis’ search.


Terry Elvis


Did the molestation take place?

Was Heather about to come out about her molestation and father’s temper?

According to multiple local sources including family friends, the answer is “Yes”.


Find Heather Elvis.

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