Public Statement Regarding False Claims

Deric Lostutter

Hello everyone,

At this point in time I am sure everyone knows who I am and what is going on.

But just in case you aren’t aware, in 2012 a heinous, horrible crime shattered Steubenville, Ohio. A 16-year old girl was unconscious, and repeatedly violated by 2 convicted rapists, whom the town touted as stars of the local Big Red football team. After serving very little time, Trent Mays, and Ma’Lik Richmond both are currently living their lives playing football in college.

I heard about the case on Twitter from various people, then by reading the New York Times, and it was later brought to me by some locals that knew an injustice was taking place and wanted to see how I could help and support.

With all this, I have received a great deal of attention, some good and a lot of it, bad. I have been in back in forth battles with people on twitter now for two years, and through that, a great deal of hurtful things has been said and done by all parties.

I understand the perception that I give and I know that every step that I have taken was not right, or mature for that matter, but today, and for the last few weeks I have decided that certain things had to change and it first had to start with me.

Therefore, with the help of my defense team, they were able to help me understand my situation and how it could truly not work out for me. They had to slap me into reality to understand that my life can change completely in the blink of an eye. I have a baby on the way and wife that relies on me to provide for my family. So the decision became easy, I decided to let those who talk about me, talk about me. I decided to let them continue to spread rumors and say horrible things about me and my family, without saying a word or tweeting anything at all, because MY freedom is on the line, not theirs.

Recently, I started getting emails from my defense telling me that I am being accused of starting an account to attack the people that I have been back and forth with for years. I can say that this is not true. I will not mention this account, nor the people accusing me, nor their personal accounts, because I will continue to stay on the point that these actions to create an account and attack people are no longer who I am.

Right now, my focus is to spend as much time as possible with my family and to continue to provide unconditional love and support for them as long as I can. The idea of spending my time attacking people seems to be a waste of time and will actually get me nowhere.

The claims that this account is mine are grossly false and the only thing I want to do is spend time with my wife and help prep for the birth of our child.

I want to thank all those that have supported and stood with me. I also want to state that the only way to help me is to keep me in your prayers and support with my case. Attacking my viral enemies does not help my case. I encourage you to please stop.

God Bless

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4 thoughts on “Public Statement Regarding False Claims

  1. Astro

    Why is the page soliciting donations for Jenny still up? Recent donations totaling approximately $215 have come in. You are in enough trouble already!

  2. Astro

    I told you long ago, soliciting for donations – anything having to do with money is a touchy subject. But, you kept on and on. Millions of people are out there every day working their asses off – you are not special or entitled to anything more than they are.

    You need to get your shit together. It isn’t just you anymore. You got married and have a child on the way. Plenty of people have had shitty childhoods and lives and have risen above it.

    You need to remove that page asking for donations for Jenny before you get in more trouble. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered someone so hell bent on ruining their own life. You are your own worst enemy!

  3. Astro

    What the hell is going on? Why is this link still up?

  4. Astro

    You increased the amount to 15K recently. Donations have been made since the arraignment. What are you doing? I think you want to be incarcerated.

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