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I stumbled across this blog who decides to rip up everything everyone types on the internet with his “expert opinion” (and by that I mean he is a librarian and guitar teacher who claims to be a government official).

Peter Hyatt Statement Analysis


An interesting read on how Statement Analysis is a scam:


You can read the post on his site below: 


So … lets give him a taste of his own medicine with facts instead of hypothesis shall we?

My response will be in BOLD font.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Arrest of Tammy and Sidney Moorer

Police arrested Tammy and Sidney Moorer and in doing so, rolled the dice with a particular hope in mind:

Sidney, now separated from Tammy, would not only confess to the murder, but would allow the Elvis family to give Heather the Christian burial she deserves, and allow the family to begin to grieve by yielding the location of the remains.

This is commonplace in investigations. Nobody is interrogated together. They arrested Tammy and Sidney based on evidence that was later referred to as a mistake by law enforcement during trial, never mind the planted evidence by Bill.

It is easy to criticize the police (DA) for this gamble, but it was an accurate read of the characters, with, perhaps, one mistake made, yet one that might have been outside their control.

Tammy’s aggression and Sidney’s submission set the stage that should they learn where the duo disposed of Heather’s remains, the only chance would be in getting Sidney away from Tammy’s domination, and leave him somewhat ‘free‘ from her control.

Here, the author decides to assume, without proof, a shred of evidence, or otherwise, that Heather is in fact, dead. For someone who prides their self in analytical sciences, assuming makes an a…well…you know.

This was a roll of the dice that was well played, statistically, yet in hindsight, the shadow Tammy cast over him was larger than predicted and it may have been the legal machinations were just enough to allow the shadow to impact Sidney, month after month.

This, too, reflects back to the control the much more powerful personality had upon Sidney.  This may be one of the rare domestic violence relationships in which it is the man under the control of the female, due to the threat of violence, departure, or even the withholding of the maternal coddling Sidney craves, that brought him under submission.

Maternal Coddling? Fear? Sidney had an affair. He clearly didn’t fear the repercussions of that affair. Furthermore, if he craves maternal attention, then why did he have an affair with a woman younger than him? Doesn’t add up, but keep trying bud.

Tammy’s language stood in agreement with body language analysts who said she ‘wore the pants’ (from another era) in the relationship.  Yet, this phrase does not do justice to the power and control that she had, and has, over Sidney.

Source? Besides, someone is always in charge in a relationship. This doesn’t denote a motive for murder.

Tammy and Sidney:  law enforcement gambled hoping to get a confession, and I think the risk was worth taking.  Not every stat works out in a single instance, but this was a good call and one that should be defended.  They know that both killed Heather and had a better profile of Tammy given to them, they might have seen how difficult it is to crack her.

No body, tough case.

Again, the author presumes Heather dead. It has been proven that he is close to Terry Elvis, does he know something that the rest of us don’t?

With Sidney separated from Tammy, it would have taken stronger isolation to break the hellish bond she has over him, in hindsight, but even now, this is yet another insight into the rage poured upon the victim.

Again, a hellish bond, but yet he seen fit to have an affair. I doubt she has much control over him in retrospect.

We saw that originally Tammy attacked, boldly, the victim which statistically is something we do not see overtly.  What did this overt attack tell us?Tammy raged against the victim, unconcerned on how much attention it would bring upon her.

Tammy did not rage, as did the recent author of an article on Terri Horman, in order to manipulate readers; specifically women who have been cheated on by their husbands.  She showed no intent for propaganda nor emotional black mail.

She raged.

Any woman who had a family with someone would be PISSED that someone was interfering in a relationship, knowing that the man was married. Her, and thousands of other females have confronted the very person that their significant other cheats with, and this does not make them killers.

Her rage targeted the teenaged victim; not the adult male, further showing her dominance and view of Sidney.  He is a child to be scolded, yes, but the victim was someone who would feel Tammy’s rage.

How much research do you do? Teenaged? Heather was 20 pal.

How much rage?

Consider the following:

The isolation of Sidney from Tammy was not strong enough to break the submission.  Whether it was letters or the short encounters in court, Tammy get the powerful hold over the emasculated Sidney.  The petulant child remained confident he would be nourished by his ‘mommie’ figure, and, sure enough, Tammy was right:  they were released.

They were released due to lack of evidence and a few cases of obstruction by Terry’s pals.

The power of this bond is such that it further highlights the fury that Heather met and suffered under. It gives us even more insight into the cruelty and likely deliberate expansion of suffering and terror that Heather experienced under Tammy.  If the Facebook post did not show enough rage, the silence of Sidney further shows how only death, itself, could mitigate the suffering that the victim underwent.

This control is everything to Tammy.  For her, it is her life and breath and she would sacrifice anyone, and anything, to keep her life.  The ultimate in narcissism, even children are neglected so she could fulfill her needs of child fantasy at Disney, in which Sidney is one of her subordinate childhood characters.

Tammy is merely trying to regain control of her life from the people that now know her marriage was in shambles thanks to a media fueled witch hunt. Nothing more, nothing less.
The single most important detail:That Sidney would overcome this twisted maternal control, overthrow her authority and heighten the insult with a younger, and beautiful girl was to break at Tammy’s very existence; her fantastical Disney fantasy world where she is always the front and center character, and there is always a happy ending, was shattered, not by Tammy’s unattractive demeanor or appearance, nor even by Heather’s youth and beauty:

Here, the author gives his “opinion” on the beauty of an individual, and the lack of beauty on another. It would seem that the author is writing with bias, based on his own fantasy.

This was, itself, bad enough, but it was not the chief source of Tammy’s rage.

Sidney shattered the magical fantasy in his exploitation of the teenaged victim. 

Consensual sexual activity between two ADULTS (not teenagers) is not exploitation.

Sidney was, for a very short window of time, the one thing that Tammy could not abide:Sidney was a man. 

Genetically speaking, Sidney has always been a man. Cheating didn’t make him any more of one.
This is something utterly destructive to the fantasy life, embedded in all things Disney where children are wisdom personified and men do not exist except in the form of darkness who must be repelled by the innocence of children.By seeking after the young Heather sexually, Sidney gave all the usual insults to the older woman, but as bad as this is, it was the destruction of fantasy and her control that caused Tammy to be incapable, at that time, of holding back her public rage, no matter how much suspicion it brought upon her.  Men have no place in the fantastical yarn, except for sinister roles.

When she had control over the victim, it was a regaining of control over the fantasy, and the ultimate dispatching of the evil step mother, the wicked dragon, and all the monsters in the closet.

Someone has an obsession with children and fairy tales, and it isn’t the Moorers. Honestly creepy. Anyway, there are plenty of Men who are not “sinister roles” in the world of Disney. Do you even TV?

The story had to be played out.

The story needed time and this is, for me, the most frightening element of what they did to Heather Elvis.

ASSumption again…..and again…and again….

The death would have to be lengthened and the torture complete to quench the burning appetite, not just for revenge for infidelity, but for destruction of the dream, the fantasy, the “happily ever after” promised within the classics.

Seriously? This guy is fantasizing about torturing a missing girl? Someone call the 5-0, he works with children!

Sidney knows all of this but it is his self preservation and yielding to his superior that keeps him silent. He did what he knew he had to:  obey and be silent.  He could do no more than yield his obedience to her, and, as she likely promised, he would be, like the supporting roles basking in the main character’s glory, safe and sound in the end.

How does one, who has an affair, submissive to their wife?

Thus is so appears yet there is something else about the death of the victim that I believe, based upon the raging language still coming from Tammy.

The victim’s death is the only thing that stopped the torture.

Fantasizing about the death and torture of a missing girl again…this guy is sick.

Tammy is not satiated with the blood of Heather.  Something interrupted the episode, the grand finale must prior to completion and this may have been that Heather had the temerity to die before Tammy said her peace and did what the script demanded.

How poetic…and disturbing. Again, the author assumes, and fantasizes torture, even dressing up the words to make what should be a dark thought, more attractive.
Two of the most vile criminal figures we have the misfortune of reading about, Statement Analysis told us all we needed to know early on, yet the rage continues only giving us possible insight, using the words within the rage, into what the innocent victim underwent and why Tammy, and those close to her, must continue to attack the victim’s father:

Defense is entitled to all defendants under the Constitution. To defend, one must in fact, go on the offense.

They cannot sleep thinking that he and his may be healing.

This also tells me that the star, the director and the producer, did not complete the story and remains less than satisfied with the pain she inflicted.  Life for a life, she may ponder, with her Disney fantasy life destroyed, not by Sidney, but by the victim, who escaped the fullness of wrath in her death, so she must now continue, raging against prosecutors and police, yes, but more so, against the father who dared to stand up for his daughter and point the finger precisely where it belonged.

If I was wrongfully arrested with planted evidence and 0 actual proof of allegations that crucified my family and I to the general public, virtually making me unemployable for the rest of my life and forcing me to leave town for safety, I have to say, I would be pissed off too.That Sidney became, for a few weeks or so, a “man”, triggered deep resentment, formed in early childhood against men in general, and could not be abided.  Her post showed that she blamed the victim, yet must castrate the villainous little male child, publicly, so that he gets, at least, some form of punishment.

Talking about little male children’s genitals only compounds on the already sick mentality the author of this article has. Someone should place him on a watch list. He fits right in with the Moorer Case Discussion group on Facebook. Heather and Sidney are both to blame for the affair, but as evidence would have it, that is all there is room to blame for.

No, the emasculated Sidney remained faithful to his fears, allowing the fantasy to continue, but the resentment of Terry Elvis is the resentment of a man.

I would resent someone that decided to threaten my family with 0 proof as well. 

A man who struggled in trying to keep his teenaged daughter from growing up too quickly, knowing that there were lesser men out there who would prey upon the young, using the age and financial disparity to exploit.  Yet she wanted her own place and she wanted the adult world; the world that Terry knew was fraught with all sorts of dangers; the dangers fathers of beloved daughters, know of and do what they can to protect.

Not only is Heather not teenaged, he was not concerned about her “growing up too quickly”, Terry himself loves to party, hangs out with strippers, etc. Not to mention, Terry has another daughter that he has never seen, nor even cared for, according to his ex.

This act of protection, itself, enrages Tammy who cannot stop, herself or working through others, from attacking Terry, because Terry is a man who sought to do that which no man had afforded Tammy; protection.

I expect the attacks to continue with no one able to talk Tammy Moorer out of her attacks, including attorneys.  It is who she is and she has shown how far she will go to protect her Disney fantasy life.

It was a calculated gamble by law enforcement and one where critics can have their field day, but they tried, where others allow the case to go cold to pad their own win-loss records.

I respect the attempt and separating the two was the only chance of gaining the revelation of Heather’s remains.

They did it for Heather.

They did it for justice.

They did it for Terry, which Tammy well knows, which fuels her incessant rage.

The fantasy is as real as photoshopped pictures.

Another stab at Tammy’s looks. Someone is a little jilted eh? ”


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