My Horry News Controlled by Heather Elvis Lynch Mob

My Horry News, also known as “MHN”, has made an announcement regarding recent links that I have posted that question the motives of the Elvis’ family, as well as other questions not currently being asked in mainstream media.

After My Horry News virtually deleted all of my comments, right down to the links, and my questioning of their censorship, Moore Case Discussion, made this announcement:



Moorer Case Discussion is a group that targets children, even Photoshopping male genitalia over the faces of the supporters of Sidney and Tammy Moorer.

Photoshopping isn’t their strong suit.

However, it is a tactic they resort to, to harass and incite those who question the motives and goings on of the Heather Elvis case.

They have been suspended by Facebook multiple times, only to come back each time.

Most recently, masquerading as God-fearing vigil holders while simultaneously harassing and stalking the defense, to the point of photographing them and having them followed.


The lynch mob Moorer Case Discussion group is rumored to have been started by Terry Elvis’ son, Chris.

The page, who’s most active administrator is a fake profile known as May Scheetz, has multiple administrators, including a personal friend of the Elvis family, Kristen Jarvis who was also made administrator of a secret group that I infiltrated, logging their plans of harassment.

Kristen Jarvis

After learning of my investigation into them, I was taken to court on falsified evidence by a main participant of the group for a restraining order, in order to hinder my investigation.

After my testimony, and evidence, the attempt at trying to interfere with my investigation was dismissed by the Stokes County Court, and I was permitted to continue my investigation.

Irate, the group began to target me, my beautiful wife and children, including the unfortunate stillbirth we experienced in January of 2016.


Their modus operandi is always the same – Attack innocents, while proclaiming innocence and masquerading as “Christians”.

The group, largely affiliated with the Elvis Family, even has Heather Elvis’ “best friend”, Bri Warrellman, who most recently perjured herself on the stand during the trial of Sidney Moorer after explaining Heather’s promiscuity with multiple men, and contact with multiple men the night she disappeared, as a participant.

bri warrelmann bri warrelmann



One of the group’s main admins, May Scheetz, even issued a seemingly violent threat against those who may have infiltrated the group in an effort to find out the identity of the participants in the Moorer family lynch mob.

bri warrelmann


This evidence proves the corruption in the media, such as My Horry News, who is supposed to remain unbiased.

It seems like a plan to railroad the Moorer family is only being strengthened by corruption in media, who are personal friends of those who hold pitchforks and torches in the dead of night.

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