Michelle Lynne Mckee – The Worst Kind of Person

Michelle Lynne Mckee - Stalker

This post has been a long time coming.

Usually, I just let her rant. Try to ignore them, they say. If you don’t look, it don’t exist, they say.

Michelle Lynne McKee of Gig Harbor Washington, former employee of NICB, is a defendant in a cyber-stalking matter, future defendant in 3 law suits, subject of a criminal investigation, contributor to a defamatory blog about me that has multiple court orders against it, and one of the worst stalkers/trolls that I have.

Michelle Lynne Mckee – Restraining Order

Michelle Lynne McKee – Restraining Order Judgement Terms

Michelle was forced to resign from her position at NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau), and then took to Twitter for months, raging, demanding she be re-hired and paid compensation, both of which never happened.

Others have had their problems with her stalking as well.

Michelle Lynne McKee appears to have an extensive criminal record for fraud, identity theft, forgery, possession of methamphetamine without a prescription, and more, as pointed out by Joey Ortega and RadioNewz Blog. Michelle has contested this information. You can view those documents here and judge for yourself.

Her obsession with me began shortly after I failed to be the fall guy for Alexandria Goddard (another defendant in one of my cyber-stalking cases), and Michelle McKee’s plots, directly after the Rolling Stone Magazine article I was featured in re: Steubenville.

The media coverage, and Brad Pitt’s involvement have enraged Michelle, who often questions what money I have, how much I make, etc, questions which I finally understand, because in 1989, Michelle Lynne Mckee herself filed bankruptcy in case number 89-09422-FDH.

Her aforementioned friend, Alexandria, has done the very same things, and she filed for bankruptcy in Ohio in case number 1:05-bk-24540 to resolve around 30 creditors. This process was filed in 2005, and took 2 years to resolve.

It would seem their obsession with my money, stems from lack of control of their own.

Regarding the Steubenville Ohio case, Michelle initially reached out to me, providing me a lot of (very inaccurate) information regarding those at the party where a young woman was sexually assaulted. Because of her involvement, some of the wrong people took the heat, and witnesses refused to testify, participants granted immunity, etc.

Despite a court order to stay away from me, and remove all mention of my name from her profiles, she enjoys spending every waking hour tweeting her tin foil hat conspiracy theories about why, I, a person she has never met, should be imprisoned for her “anguish”.

Lets discuss anguish, shall we? Today, I will debunk Michelle’s claims and finally give her the spot light she has been longing for from me for so…so…long.

Claim 1: My wife Jennifer was never pregnant.

Michelle Mckee stalker
Michelle Mckee erased her twitter the same evening this article dropped, therefore the embedded tweets were also erased. Luckily, I have a program that forensically archived everything she ever said, with metadata, including screenshots.
Michelle Mckee Stalker
Michelle Mckee erased her twitter the same evening this article dropped, therefore the embedded tweets were also erased. Luckily, I have a program that forensically archived everything she ever said, with metadata, including screenshots.

Answer: This is one of the very worst accusations this woman, a mother herself, could say about someone who lost their child prematurely. In her incessent obsession with me, Michelle Lynne McKee tweets, posts, and blogs with fervor, claiming that we orchestrated an elaborate scheme to defraud Medicaid, based on her “expert analysis” of photographs.

My wife was pregnant with our daughter, Jade, who’s cremains currently reside in an urn on a shelf in our meditation room.

I walk past her every day, kissing my hand and touching the urn, telling her how much her father loves her and misses her, asking her to watch over me.

On January 5th, just 3 months before her due date, our daughter was stillborn at Forsyth Medical Center at 8:05 PM.

She has demanded my child’s death certificate, referring to her in a derogatory manor, repeatedly for months.

These claims by Michelle, along with her harassing, fraudulent reports to the North Carolina Attorney General’s office and my local District Attorney, were enough evidence, when presented with the proof of death and birth in court, to obtain an ex parte (immediately effective) restraining order on Michelle McKee, and open a criminal investigation into her antics.

Michelle Mckee Stalker
Michelle Mckee erased her twitter the same evening this article dropped, therefore the embedded tweets were also erased. Luckily, I have a program that forensically archived everything she ever said, with metadata, including screenshots.

Despite the order, she still continues, much to the dismay of some of my followers.

Michelle Mckee
Michelle Mckee erased her twitter the same evening this article dropped, therefore the embedded tweets were also erased. Luckily, I have a program that forensically archived everything she ever said, with metadata, including screenshots.


Michelle Mckee Stalker
Michelle Mckee erased her twitter the same evening this article dropped, therefore the embedded tweets were also erased. Luckily, I have a program that forensically archived everything she ever said, with metadata, including screenshots.

Furthermore, Michelle mistakenly thinks that all pregnancies are the same. A photo went viral, showing 2 ladies at 21 weeks pregnant, just 2 weeks shy of what Jennifer was when we lost our precious Jade. Buzzfeed did an article on it here.

Claim 2: Deric and Jennifer Lostutter are under investigation by the Forsyth County District Attorney, North Carolina Attorney General, and the Sheriff’s Office for issuing “illegal” subpoenas.  
This is FALSE.

Let me explain the rule of subpoenas in North Carolina, which, is where the cases are held.

Michelle claims these subpoenas were obtained, and issued illegally, and claims fraud, with no evidence other than herself screaming “heretic” like some 12th century lunatic.

Rule 45 of the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure, specifically sections A(1) – (3)  clearly states that a subpoena must be issued from the court in which the action is sending, and section A(4) states that anyone affiliated with the court, including the clerk, can sign the subpoena that is sought by the person seeking it.

In section C(5) states that anyone subject to the subpoena, may file a motion to quash based on :

a.         The subpoena fails to allow reasonable time for compliance.

b.         The subpoena requires disclosure of privileged or other protected matter and no exception or waiver applies to the privilege or protection.

c.         The subpoena subjects a person to an undue burden or expense.

d.         The subpoena is otherwise unreasonable or oppressive.

e.         The subpoena is procedurally defective.

The motion to quash may be filed within 10 days.

This is common procedure, should one disagree or oppose a subpoena, not a super secret felonious criminal investigation.

Section F(1) states that I am allowed to obtain any records, of any person that I believe to be related to my cases, even if they reside outside of my state.

Michelle’s claims that my wife commited fraud by serving the subpoena’s are also false. In the state of North Carolina, anyone, not party to the case, can serve a subpoena so long as they are 18 or older. Furthermore, most major companies request the subpoena via fax or e-mail, such as AT&T, Comcast, and others.

(b)        Service. –

(1)        Manner. – Any subpoena may be served by the sheriff, by the sheriff’s deputy, by a coroner, or by any person who is not a party and is not less than 18 years of age. Service of a subpoena upon a person named therein shall be made by delivering a copy thereof to that person or by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested. Service of a subpoena for the attendance of a witness only may also be made by telephone communication with the person named therein only by a sheriff, the sheriff’s designee who is not less than 18 years of age and is not a party, or a coroner.

(2)        Service of copy. – A copy of the subpoena served under subdivision (b)(1) of this subsection shall also be served upon each party in the manner prescribed by Rule 5(b).

(3)        Subdivision (b)(2) of this subsection does not apply to subpoenas issued under G.S. 15A-801 or G.S. 15A-802.

While Michelle and Thomas Olsen’s argument that Jennifer is party to the case because she is listed in the evidence that I have submitted, and a witness, may seem valid, it sadly for them, is not a valid reason to quash, or warrant any mythical criminal investigation.

The definition for “party” to a case is as follows:

A party is a person or group of persons that compose a single entity which can be identified as one for the purposes of the law.

Parties include: plaintiff (person filing suit), defendant (person sued or charged with a crime),petitioner (files a petition asking for a court ruling), respondent (usually in opposition to a petition or an appeal), cross-complainant (a defendant who sues someone else in the same lawsuit), or cross-defendant (a person sued by a cross-complainant).

A person who only appears in the case as a witness is not considered a party.

This means that Jennifer, or my pastor, or even my mother, can in fact, sign and serve any subpoena issued by the Forsyth County Courthouse in my cases. To confirm this, I spoke with a D.A. and another attorney which I wont name for fear of them being harassed by this criminally insane woman.

Michelle McKee Stalker
Michelle Mckee erased her twitter the same evening this article dropped, therefore the embedded tweets were also erased. Luckily, I have a program that forensically archived everything she ever said, with metadata, including screenshots.

Her basis for her claim is that I issued fraudulent statements to obtain the subpoenas, when, in the state of North Carolina, you can simply fill out this form, take it to the clerk, or judge, and have it signed http://www.nccourts.org/forms/documents/556.pdf no statements needed.

Furthermore, a Judge ruled in her case already, ex parte of course, finding her guilty.

Therefore, my statements to the Judge regarding her can not be construed as fraud, as they were found to be fact.

Not only was I literally at the District Attorney’s office on Friday, there is no record of any investigation of me, and I left with 2 additional signed subpoenas.

To further prove my point, I called Forsyth County Sheriff’s office on a recorded line in concordance with North Carolina’s single party law, and asked if there was an investigation. You may hear the call here:



I also contacted the Forsyth County District Attorneys Office today, who stated that they don’t do investigations, law enforcement does, and that if no charges have been filed, then there is no investigation. The aforementioned phone call to the Sheriff’s office would prove then, that the D.A. is not investigating me or my wife.

Since the D.A. stated that they don’t do investigations, that means that their allegations are bold faced lies.

Lying about court process.. lets add that onto the list of crimes I will bring up on the 29th.


Anyone can send anyone a letter, but rest assured, her file about 4 inches thick, rests within the same building, along with her restraining order which she continually violates.


Michelle Lynne Mckee has a court date with me, April 29th 2016, at Forsyth County Courthouse, and a service by publication motion was issued to the court, vocally, and granted on March 10th.

She is rumored to be mentally ill, told to me by her “best friend”, Alexandria Goddard, in 2014, that she has possible multiple personality disorder.

I hope that the court does in fact see this blog, so they can see who is truly being stalked, harassed, defamed, and maliciously prosecuted by a criminally insane woman who plays the sweet old lady card to law enforcement acting like a victim.

When in fact, she sits behind her computer daily, and posts thousands of harassing and defaming messages about my family and I based on envy, greed, and obsession.

If it turns out that she is not mentally ill, she will answer for her crimes, her false reports, and my family will finally have some peace.

Below is a list of subpoenas who have complied with my completely legal requests.

The subpoenas will be used in conjunction to my various cyber-stalking cases in which I am the Plaintiff

  1. At&t (3 different times)
  2. Micfo LLC
  3. LeaseWeb USA
  4. LondonTrustMedia
  5. PrivateInternetAccess
  6. Comcast I.P. Services LLC
  7. Choopa LLC
  8. Hosting Services Inc



UPDATE: Michelle McKee is the subject of a criminal complaint in Florida regarding death threats and attempted prostitution to military members to harm William K Murtaugh, a 65 year old independent crime blogger from Florida:

Enter Michelle McKee’s obsession with Murt, aka William Murtaugh. She has stalked this man for years, trying to have him arrested for whatever reason she can find, only to be told by Leesburg Police to stop calling them with false reports or face criminal charges when she tried to have him arrested for a child’s disappearance. Murt was also the victim of SWATing – a sometimes deadly prank in which a person places an anonymous phone call to a police station telling of a plan to harm ones self or others. The goal is to get the SWAT team to show up and raid the home. He believes this to have been Michelle from a spoofed number as the police stated it sounded like a females voice that called claiming to be his niece.

michelle threat
A blanket party is a form of corporal punishment or hazing conducted within a peer group, most frequently within the military or military academies. The victim (usually asleep in bed) is restrained by having a blanket flung over him and held down at the corners, while other members of the group strike the victim repeatedly with improvised flails, most often a sock or bath towel containing something solid, such as a bar of soap. Other weapons which could be used were entrenching tools or a bunk adapter (a piece of pipe used to connect a bunk bed to another). Blows to the head were avoided, as these would likely be both fatal and leave injuries visible to authorities.

Michelle also issued this threat, which was passed on to police and attorneys:

Michelle Mckee Threatens Murt

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8 thoughts on “Michelle Lynne Mckee – The Worst Kind of Person

  1. Djay

    . The other day I posted something on one of the posts and had tweeted to you. Next thing I know she starts posting tweet after tweet about me. This has been her pattern. The to top it off Holly B gets involved and posts things.

    First of all, I have had all of these people blocked from my twitter account for almost 2 years. I have not mentioned their names on twitter unless they have posted about me first. I have been accused of being sock accounts that they have set up. I have stated many times for them to leave me alone. But instead they just keep stalking me. I have had lies posted on Liars and Cheaters and The Dirty about me. They have even posted these lies on a Facebook page to the University I was attending.

    One of these people called my husband’s employer and made a complaint about him this week. Because of this my husband lost his job. This is not normal behavior. They have ruined not only my life and career, but that of my husband.
    All of this because I tweeted to Deric Lostutter and Murt. It is nobody’s business who I tweet to. These people say they don’t care what I do but they are constantly watching what I post on twitter, even though they are blocked and my twitter account is locked up.

    Enough is Enough. You Holly, Linda, Radio, Mary Marss, GraceLipnicki, Michelle, Sam, Thoms Olsen, James Daniska and Prinne are the ones who are to blame for whatever legal action you are going to be facing. And NO Holly this is not about the FB incident. It is about the lies you have posted about me. I am not a drug addict and never have been. I did not fail to report income to Social Security because I am allowed to work part-time and it was reported. I never disclosed info about any clients because I am not a counselor and I have no clients. Yes everything you posted about me in hopes that some employer will see it and not hire me is false. This is Defamation, and why a few of you behind these posting these lies are going to be sued. Once we find out who is behind phoning in a complaint about my husband and causing him to lose his job will also be sued. BTW, Holly how did you find out what law group I am using because I never posted the name for you to tweet? Could it be you are behind one of the blogs that I gave my attorney the link too? The only way you would know is if you saw the Ipaddress of the law firm on the blogs he looked at. Yes my lawyer went and looked at everything you tweeted and posted about me. While you were accusing me of being certain sock accounts, I was not on the computer. But thanks for giving my attorney evidence of who is the real stalker.

    What is it going to take before you stop? Someone killing themselves because of your stalking and lies? Can you actually be proud that you use the death of an innocent baby to harass and stalk someone you don’t life? Shame on you! I hope your children and families can see how heartless you all really are. Your not ADVOCATES. Your are BULLIES and STALKERS!

    I will be sending Deric all the Screenshots I have of your tweets about me. I want people on the internet to see the kind of person all of you really are! Hopefully by doing this and telling our stories about how you have ruined lives, other people may learn what and who to watch out for on the internet.

  2. The Obvious is Obvious

    McKee plays the “mentally ill” card whenever she wants to play victim. Really she is just an angry, mean, jealous, vindictive bitch who can’t control her butthurt when people reject her obscene behavior. It’s the one thing she has in common with Goddard. Yes, at one time McKee had a job but apparently that too went by the wayside when they rejected her aggressive ranting and false accusations. She’s perfect as Goddard’s frontman though because she will do & say whatever Goddard tells her, just like when she recruited you for Steubenville to get Goddard out of that lawsuit. Notice how their current version of Steubenville differs from the version they told you when they begged you to get involved? Goddard is completely ineffective at trolling if she doesn’t have someone else to do the dirty work or a good sock account so she can pretend it’s not her. Goddard’s trump card is “innocent victim.” She thinks nobody knows how she operates but she’s more stupid than anyone she’s ever targeted. They’re indignant when you ask for donations, while Goddard’s request for donations is pinned at the top of KYanonexposed. They continue to talk out of both sides of their mouths. It’s been entertaining to watch them fall all over themselves claiming you’re the bad guy but they have yet to post any evidence of the “crimes” you’ve allegedly committed. Funny how they like to say it’s all free speech but won’t answer the door to be served. That right there is their admission of guilt. With Goddard’s “20+ year career as a legal assistant” you’d think she’d be itching to get into court to prove you wrong but since that’s a lie too she hides from the process server.

  3. Jay

    Again another post on Goddard’s blog talking about how Murt and I supposedly contacted the prosecutors office. Well Alex I have news for you I never called them or anyone else about you. Believe it or not I DO have a life other than twitter and thinking about you. I have told you several times to leave me the F*ck alone, but you keep posting lies about me.
    You and your friends have tried to ruin not only my name but have also called my husband’s employer telling them lies. Well I hope you are all happy that you got him fired from a job he worked for over 20 years. And for what? Because I tweet to someone you do not like. Well who I tweet to is none of your business. You and your friends will be hearing from my attorney soon. I can’t wait until this goes to court because I have noting to hide. Finally the truth will be told and people will finally see that you and your friends are not advocates, but stalkers who have nothing better to do than to ruin someone’s life because you think it is fun.

  4. Anonymous

    Donna, this is not your blog and you are using it as a platform to bully, harass, and threaten people you don’t like. You do realize that in a defamation suit the burden of proof will rest solely on you. No judge in this world will rule in your favor based on your word. Proof will be required. Legally they can’t and your history of documented lies will probably be used in those peoples defence. I would also refrain from mentioning on this blog people’s names the owner of the blog himself is forbidden to speak. I would hate to see you in anymore legal trouble than you already are. Not to mention you aren’t helping this guy you claim is your friend. Here is an idea, get a blog of your own and stop posting your threats on other people’s blogs. I am sure it is not appreciated.

  5. Samantha

    I had the opportunity to read Michelle’s letter to your DA today. I must say she gives the short-term appearance of being a rational adult, but quickly devolves into the sniveling, whining coward that she is. Her sorry attempt to generate sympathy for her abhorrent behavior is typical. If you talked about Zaidon the way she talks about Jade her head would spin around and vomit would spew out of her mouth.

  6. To be honest, I havn’t even clicked it yet.

  7. Samantha

    It’s not anything you haven’t already seen. I’ll summarize it for you.

    Deric’s trying to have me killed. I had an insurance job a long time ago, which makes me a pregnancy expert for all the women. I’ve been a complete bitch demanding a death certificate for Deric’s daughter. I want Deric arrested for Steubenville and I’ve just forgotten to tell you that it was me who begged him to get involved and that I was a full participant. It’s okay for me to be a complete bitch because I was allegedly abused 50 years ago. You should arrest Deric. Don’t charge me with a crime because I might not be able to find a job or a place to rent if I have a criminal record. Besides I not a criminal in NC because I live in WA.

    She used many more words but this was the essence of what she said. And by essence, I mean bullshit.

  8. […] protecting my family and myself from some rather crazy people by the names of Alexandria Goddard, Michelle Mckee, and Thomas […]

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