Mary Beth Hodgin, Bulloch County Schools Employee, Uses Child Hackers

Mary Beth Hodgin

You may have been following my posts about a specific group of miscreants under the Moorer Case Discussion Facebook page who have targeted good people, even posting photos of their children in despicable, and pedophilia style nature including Bulloch County School psychiatrist, Mary Beth Hodgin.

You may have seen where they hired Alexandria Goddard, the original Steubenville rape case blogger and founder of Xander Business Group, to blog on their behalf

Alexandria Goddard took things further, setting up a protected offshore forum to house their harassment, because their Facebook page continues to keep getting suspended, even with contributing to the harassment herself.

In my investigation for my clients, I uncovered one of their friends, Mary Beth Hodgin, a school psychiatrist in Bulloch County Georgia, playing both sides and submitting critical information to the Moorer Case Discussion page for purposes of harassing my clients.

I informed Dr. Felton, the assistant superintendent of Bulloch County schools, to which she had a private meeting with Mary Beth Hodgin, playing a voicemail for her that I left with my allegations against her.

I also informed her husband, Scott Hodgin, of Statesboro Law Group, because she was using his court credentials to access court documents and distributing them for purposes of harassment.

He wanted nothing to do with the situation, and told me, “do what you have to do”.

The voicemail would later be posted on a defamatory website, by Alexandria Goddard.

A couple weeks would pass when Mary Peeples, a participant in Moorer Case Discussion, would take me to court in Stokes County N.C., lying to the court in an attempt to hinder my investigation to the group, and naming Mary Beth Hodgin as present that day in the court room, on record, who then left after she seen that I was present.

Months would pass, then I would awake one night to an ominous email.

Deric Lostutter

Intrigued, I went into the server, and logged all of it from day one.

Chat Logs start through april 22 2016 Redacted Version


Mizzen, who also goes by wiz, and sloan dawson, would turn out to be none other than Mary Beth Hodgin herself, and was orchestrating a hack on my websites, and my accounts, and succeeded in releasing my social security number, using a 13 year old computer “hacker” from Georgia named Taylor, also known as “Cy”, “Cyrence”, Leonardocy”, “Leonardo de Flair”, and “LeoHax”.

Mary Beth Hodgin

The chats and recorded skype calls were more than enough to slap everyone in that room with a felony, when I posted my previous article on the subject.

In exchange for taking down some of the participants names, the server admin “Snake” and resident 30 something year old anonymous lady “AnonDreamz” also referred to as “Dreamz” would work for me, gathering intel as to who Mizzen is and why I was targeted.

They socially engineered Mizzen, to find out her IP address via skype chats, who provided them her “burner” phone, which turned out to house the voicemail of none other than Mary Beth Hodgin.

Realizing her mistake, she turned the phone off, taking it back to the I.T. director, who declined to issue her a new phone. She then changed the voicemail.

All of this evidence has been provided to the Bulloch County School system.

The number and Mizzen account would direct them to attack me, my websites, and my accounts stating their admiration for the group, and their undying support for the Elvis family who’s daughter went missing some years ago.

She even went as far as to try to get me to commit a crime from a fake facebook account.

Mary Beth, in a previous conversation with “Dreamz” told some fascinating stories about me, not knowing that Dreamz had switched sides, admitting from her skype account and from her cell phone that it was Mary Beth, but denying any affiliation with “Mizzen”, even though we had listened to the voicemail ourselves and the Bulloch County School system has record of that number being issued.

Not missing a sick and depraved beat, she even went as far to blame it on her “daughter” who she stated was in college.

Victimizing children in a row, first 13 year old Taylor, then her own daughter, Mary Beth Hodgin admitted to working with Alexandria Goddard, and even convicted felon and serial stalker Thomas Olsen (Goddard’s cronie) in an effort to target me.

She contradicted herself at every turn, stating at first she didn’t have social media, then stating she did, and stating that she had no idea how the confidential voicemail I left the school system ended up in the hands of Alexandria Goddard, who posted it to the internet, only to admit she sent it in a Facebook message later in the call.

Mary Beth laid out some key points in this recorded call:

  • Called from work phone
  • Mary Beth Hodgin admits that she has friend that works in FBI
  • Admits her husband is a lawyer
  • Tries to blame her actions on her oldest daughter.
  • Claims that I am obsessed with her.
  • Admits talking to CY who is 13 years old but has no idea what discord is? How did she chat with him?
  • Says shes not on social media, then states that she is
  • Says Thomas Olsen was going after me after contacted by Mary Beth
  • Names Prinnie (Alexandria Goddard) by name
  • Admits sharing voicemail with Elvis family
  • Admits sharing the voicemail in FB chat with Prinnie (Alexandria Goddard)
  • Admits being involved with Elvis family, using terms (Absolutely)
  • States that my client, Shonte supporting the Moorers terminated their friendship
  • Admits Thomas Olsen and Alexandria Goddard A.K.A. Prinnie Hate me and admits contact with them
  • admits messaging me on Facebook contradicting her claim to have no social media presence.
  • Wants to help Anonymous target me.
  • Wants to download Magic Jack to disguise her phone number.


Upon learning that I archived the chat, Mary Beth Hodgin talked to me from her non-existent social media.

First from a fake profile, trying to keyword me into extorting her which did not work:

Mary “Meri Bitz” Beth Hodgin’s Fake profile chat


Then from her regular account, after she seen that I blocked her crazy self, trying to seem compassionate etc.

Mary Beth Hodgin’s Real Profile Chat

When confronted with the truth and her screenshots/calls, she replies “lies” and snarls like a snake backed into a corner.


Key point here, she has a habit of making fake accounts that she even admits to in the call and demonstrates here.


After contacting me, Mary Beth fled the hacker scene, but not before one last jab at me via Twitter:

Mary Beth Hodgin


My goal is simple. I want Bulloch County Schools to take action and dismiss Mary Beth Hodgin from the district so that she may not manipulate and or harm children further. I also want her husband to protect himself from her seemingly criminal access to his court system tools.

I have many more files which are in the process of being provided to my local law enforcement and are not listed here less they jeopardize the investigation against Mary Beth Hodgin.

Including Alexandria Goddard’s participation, affiliation with the group, and her affiliation with Mary Beth who names her by name regardless of her infamous “plausible deniability”.

Mary Beth Hodgin Mary Beth Hodgin Mary Beth Hodgin Mary Beth Hodgin Mary Beth Hodgin

I will be pursuing legal action against Mary Beth this summer, after my local detective finishes his investigation.


I received an email stating that my evidence and the Bulloch County School assistant superintendent’s investigation has been forwarded to their attorney for review.


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