Lynch Mob Absolves Terry Elvis of Rape

Terry Elvis

In a not so shocking turn of events, Moorer Case discussion, a lynch mob hate group with over 1,000 members who want to see Sidney and Tammy Moorer get the death penalty, have just used a rape victim to further their cause.

Lisa Lanier boldly came forward, and admitted the rape was a fact, while simultaneously and erroneously attacking her friend, Cindy Broome, for the leak.

In the midst of her venting, she confirms that she confided personal details of the account to Cindy, confirming that the allegations previously published by are true. protected Lisa’s identity, until she chose, bravely, to come forward.

Now, the hate mob that has targeted children, even photoshopping male genetalia over their faces, has now set it’s sights on Lisa, and has seemingly absolved Terry Elvis of this horrible crime.

Screenshots provided by a resident of Charleston S.C., Stacey Ridgeland, detail the feelings of the participants regarding the rape of the victim by Terry Elvis:

Terry Elvis

Completely ignoring the fact that the woman was raped, the lynch mob, true to form, turned their sites onto the Moorers even though they had nothing to do with it.

When rape survivor Stacey Ridgeland brought up the fact that the admission of Terry Elvis attacking and raping a 14 year old girl was being ignored, Lisa Staton, a group administrator, threatened to block her for speaking out.

Terry Elvis

Stacey went on to offer the victim help, and guidance on how to contact advocacy groups, while Terry Elvis’ gang of villagers continued to raise their pitchforks and torches higher and higher, refusing to acknowledge the crime and admission at hand.

Terry Elvis

The group admin then left an ominous threat directed at anyone who spoke out about the rape, that “their days are numbered”.


More to follow, stay tuned, and Lisa, Stacey commends you on your bravery, as do we all. Stand strong.





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