Leaked Facebook Chats Allege Terry Elvis Raped Ex-Sister-In-Law

Terry Elvis

Some evidence that I provided to the Solicitor’s office in Horry County, include unredacted Facebook chat’s from 2010, 3 years before Heather Elvis disappeared, showing that Terry Elvis’ ex-wife’s sister, was allegedly raped by him when she was only 14 years old.


Terry ElvisTerry Elvis


According to the victim/survivor, Terry Elvis has done “bad things to many people” and the allegations of rape only solidify the previously published allegations of sexual abuse at the hands of Terry Elvis.

According to one of his ex’s, Terry Elvis was a violent, and controlling man, who burned down their mobile home, where a vacant lot now stands on PeachTree Landing, the spot where his daughter, Heather Elvis, disappeared in December of 2013.

As of this posting, Sidney Moorer stands trial for the kidnapping of Heather Elvis, and the jury has failed to reach a verdict after more than 7 hours of deliberation.

Sidney and Heather both worked at the Tilted Kilt, a bar in the Myrtle Beach area, where Sidney had an affair, cheating on his wife with Heather, infuriating her father.

Heather went missing shortly thereafter.

The state initially charged Sidney and Tammy Moorer with murder and kidnapping charges, but the murder charges have been dropped.

By the looks of the circumstantial evidence, Sidney Moorer may be found innocent in the kidnapping of Heather Elvis, as no body has ever been found, and no proof she was with him has been admitted into evidence.

Could Terry have done it?

Is Heather still alive, escaping the oppression and verbal abuse of her father, as was testified in court by friends of the Elvis’ family?

Only time will tell.




Terry’s rape victim has come forward, in her anger with one “Cindy Broome”, with whom I have never personally spoken.

Lynch mob hate group “Moorer Case Discussion” who is known to issue threats to anyone questioning the Terry Elvis has used her story and courage of telling it, to try and manipulate the cult like Manson-esque following that Terry Elvis has.

Confirming indeed, that the rape did take place, the rape victim is now finally venting her anger with the situation to the world.


Lisa, we stand with you. I hope one day you get justice for what Terry did to you so long ago.

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