Interview with Dawn Hutchison – Steubenville Ohio

Dawn Hutchison

Dawn Hutchison

Dawn Hutchison is currently incarcerated in the Jefferson County jail after being indicted for stabbing her husband, Jeffery, in the back, after what some say was a heated argument.

All too often, media loves to crucify the accused, in an effort to sensationalize the story for ratings, but I wanted to hear both sides of the story after her husband, Jeff, reached out to me, explaining his wife’s mental state, her denied care and cries for help.

See, Jeff is a hard working man, a carpenter by trade, and has spent all he has on (incompetent) representation, Kris Haught, for Dawn during this predicament.

Jeff reached out to Dawn’s attorney on multiple occasions, and then informed him that he was recording the phone calls to preserve conversation. Irate, counsel told him (falsely according to Ohio Revised Code 2933.52) that it was illegal, and according to Jeff, threatened him before hanging up.

a 6.0 out of 10 star from Avvo representation whom has yet to challenge a truly absurd and unfair bond of $1.2 million dollars.

Another inmate who had stabbed a girl after slashing another, Kathy Thornton, Dawn explained, only did 60 days in jail with a far less significant bond.


Flash back to Dawn’s childhood.

She was adopted through the local Catholic church organization.

Her new family seemed great, until her father began to molest her and her adopted sister for years.

Eventually her mother learned of this, but did not believe the sisters.

Dawn blacked it out until her adulthood, until her sister recalled the story to keep her children away from the molester of a supposed father by giving sworn testimony in court as they fought for grandparent’s rights.


Dawn has a history of mental problems, all of which she has never received proper care for.

A local psychiatrist in Wintersville, Ohio sent her home after seeing her self mutilation increased, and a week later, Dawn was found in the woods with a gun to her head ready to end it all.

I was in the woods with a gun to my head, the officer’s seen what they thought was an opportunity to tackle me, and my gun went off, injuring me.

The ill trained officers charged Dawn with resisting arrest, instead of giving her the proper mental care that she needed for an obvious cry for help.

Months would pass. Dawn’s mother and aunt died within days of each other.

Dawn had nothing left.

They were all I had.”

Dawn does not remember much of the fight with her husband, blacking out in what could resemble P.T.S.D. stemming from the sexual abuse of her father.

She was immediately arrested, and sent to a for profit American institution we like to call “jail”.

Deric – “Dawn, Jane Hanlin stated that you were offered treatment immediately and that you denied it. Is that statement valid?”

Dawn – “I have been in jail for 51 days before they ever offered me treatment. What Jane Hanlin said is a flat-out lie. When they offered just a 20 day treatment program, in-patient, my lawyer and I were blind-sided, we knew nothing about the facility, and I would just be shipped back to Jail afterwards. My lawyer advised that we would not take the treatment at that time because we knew nothing about the treatment process. “

When asking Dawn what is it that she wants to accomplish by reaching out to me, Dawn explained that the county and prosecution is railroading her, denying her fair bond, adequate treatment, and trying to make an example out of her.

Jeff, working his hands to be bone, is prepared to sell his house to get Dawn better representation, so he says.

Aggravated with WTOV-9 using the same photograph of Dawn, despite repeated requests to stop, he  appeared with WTOV-9 news anchor, Ryan Eldredge, in a 45 minute long, unedited interview, which Ryan asked Jeff sometimes difficult questions in attempt to paint him into a weak or unstable person.


The first paragraph sensationalizes Dawn Hutchison’s mental state in an effort to grab ratings, giving scarce details, and referring to both incidents as crimes:

May of 2015, a gun goes off in the woods of Steubenville after an incident involving a woman and police.

February of 2016, a woman stabs her husband and is later arrested in Steubenville.

The woman involved in these crimes was the same person: Dawn Hutchison.

This would not be the first time WTOV-9 has victim blamed for ratings. In 2012-2013, WTOV-9 victim shamed rape survivor “Jane Doe”, who’s case gained international attention after being brought to light by the hacker/activist collective, Anonymous.

WTOV-9 glorified the rapists, concerned about their all-star career as high school football players, and their future scholarships.

Thousands of supporters chanted “Deny News 9!” at the second Steubenville protest, which drew over 2,000 protesters from all over the world.



Jeff appears in the video wearing a t-shirt of him an his wife, a happy couple, smiling.

Facing his fears he engages with Ryan’s barrage of questions he admits guilt in not being there for Dawn as he should have been, and pleading to the public to understand his wife’s mental state and lack of care.

He explains the scratches on her face are self inflicted, something that she does when going through a mental episode, and compares the media’s use of the image to  using that of someone going through diabetic shock for ratings.

Jeff was told that the media used the image because it was relevant to the battered spouse approach.


WTOV-9 anchor Ryan Eldredge defends his employer, asking Jeff “do you think we have access to Dawn’s medical records.”

Jeff responds that Dawn’s mental evaluation was released in court long ago, something that WTOV-9 should have checked.


Going on the offensive, Ryan seems to start to attack Jeff, after trying to paint him as a victim, bringing up his criminal past prior to Dawn, stating that he has “had multiple wives,” and falsely states that Jeff has a felony plea out of Cleveland.

Jeff also gives his views on the grand jury process, stating that it is “stupid” and that “it’s a bunch of people with no idea of what is going on.”

When asking Jeff what is the proper outcome for the case, Jeff responded, “proper treatment,” an outcome which Jeff claims in a private conversation, prosecuting attorney Frank Bruzzese agreed.

Jeff also stated that he would move in order to be closer to a treatment facility for Dawn.


Prosecuting Attorney Jane Hanlin also appeared on the same article, claiming the couple were toxic for each other, stated that Jeff was out for attention, which, if true, Jeff would have went to the media as a victim of a stabbing, not to plead for his wife’s mental care.

Jeff, having only 34 friends on facebook, refutes Jane’s claims, saying that he is a bit of an introvert and just wants his wife home and receiving proper treatment.

On top of the false statement that care was offered to Dawn, Jane Hanlin also stated adequate facilities existed within the Steubenville area to treat Dawn, yet she remains in Jail.

One would begin to question, if adequate facilities did exist, then why do they want to ship Dawn off to a facility over 2 hours away?



Ryan Eldredge, prior to recording the interview with Jeff, expressed his distaste for me, and according to Jeff, made a statement after the cameras turned off on how good the ratings would be.

The bottom line is this – Dawn Hutchison is not being awarded the same rights, and liberties granted to people who have committed more serious crimes than she. After being kidnapped by police officers on more than one occasion, she is now suffering in a for-profit institution, which will further decline her mental state.

A ludicrous bond, and seemingly false statements from prosecutors only furthers the evidence of a possible bias in this case or need to set an example.


I tried to reach out to Ryan for comment, but after discussing the apparent need for reform in his viewing area, he blocked me via Twitter. Prosecuting Attorney, Jane Hanlin also has me blocked.

Ryan Blocked me

Jane hanlin

4/23/16 UPDATE –  I spoke with Dawn Hutchison via telephone who wanted to plea with the public to quit attacking her husband. She is distraught over being away from him, and remorseful for the mess that she caused with her actions. She states that her husband loves her, and that she loves him, and they just want to be open and honest to the public through the media that has vilified them both causing the public to speculate, when the public does not know the real Dawn and Jeff.

She also stated that her lawyer, Kris Haught, is incompetent, and is looking for replacement counsel.

Unbeknownst to her, her lawyer turned down a key interview with WTOV-9 without consulting her, and again, without consulting her, entered a not guilty by insanity plea, which she does not agree with.

She then stated that what Jane Hanlin said about her husband controlling her actions is false, and, like any married couple, they are a team and discuss everything, making joint decisions. She stated that she values, and wants his opinion.

Dawn would like 1 of 2 outcomes for her situation:

1. To be released from jail immediately, allowed to seek the mental health provider of her choosing, and have the court mandate the completion of their program under strict supervision with open records.

2. To be sentenced, fairly, serve her time, and to get out and back to life with her husband, seeking the care that she needs independently.


Dawn also explained that Kathy Thornton only served 60 days, with 2 domestic violence convictions after attacking someone with a knife while she is possibly looking at years with no prior convictions. Kathy has been released, while Dawn is currently still incarcerated past the 60 day mark.

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