When the Hunted Hunter becomes the Hunter Again

Anon Mask

Let’s be fair – I have pissed a lot of people off with my activism over the past 3 or 4 years, most of whom, have deserved it.

But what happens when people want you to be the “fall guy” for what they are doing?

We seen that tactic with the Steubenville rape cover-up, and it happens all to often to members of Anonymous, and regular people across the globe.

I have (extensively) covered a missing persons case in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Heather Elvis, a waitress at Tilted Kilt, disappeared without a trace from PeachTree Landing, near property her father, Terry Elvis, owns.

Years later, no trace of Heather, and the search continues.

I had heard in passing of this case, but didn’t really get involved until I was approached by Shonte’ Jordan, a friend of the accused murderers, Tammy and Sidney Moorer, who have had their murder charges dismissed.

Shonte’ didn’t want me to investigate the case for her, rather, she hired me to find out identities behind screen-names who have harassed her and her children, even using pedophilia style images. She needed the identities to prosecute them.

I social engineered a few, found out a few participants, even ended up in court with one and won.

Shonte’ is a little unpredictable, and often has her own agenda, and first faltered when she submitted private conversation between us discussing rates etc. to online smear blog founder and convicted felon, Thomas Olsen.

I let that go, and continued working the case.

Some weeks are slower than others, and not much in the way of movement, thanks to the sloppiness of the group of people that Shonte’ is affiliated with.

Too many 3rd party “investigators” tipped off the group and they took their conversations to a secret group where multiple admins would have to verify you had good intentions to bash the Moorers and Shonte’ whom they refer to as “apostrophe”.

I managed to sneak my way into the group and have logged all their conversations since, including the threats against my client, and Heather Elvis’ best friend, Bri Warrelmann, participating in the harassment.


Bri Warrelmann Bri Warrelmann Bri Warrelman Kristen Jarvis Moorer Case Discussion Heather Elvis Heather Elvis Threats towards Shonte' Jordan Trolls attending Jury Duty

I sat back formulating plans, and silently logging their data with the x1 social discovery metadata tool, until Shonte’ seemingly faltered again.

x1 Social Discovery Tool

I awoke in the middle of the night to an email stating that there is an “operation” against me, allegedly brought on by Shonte’ Jordan, and infamous Anon mistress turned half journo-half political consultant, Cassandra Fairbanks.

Deric Lostutter

Deric Lostutter


Intrigued by the random attempt to help me, I decided to take a peek, and what I found was nothing short of laughable, but irritating like a mosquito bite.


Clearly, this was based on conversations with Shonte’, because they were posting conversation only Shonte’ would have, conversations that we orchestrated to leak regarding a fake amount that I was paid, and my fake hostility used to social engineer those we leaked the chat to.

The myrtle beach case has taken yet another turn.

They targeted my websites, trying to brute-force their way in, like a bunch of script kiddies, eventually DDOSing themselves.

They googled their asses off, released my already released (false) social security number, which I have redacted in case it is some poor saps actual number.


There is a name for the Anon’s that latch on to these sort of “operations”, without doing any research, loading up a copy of Kali, and skid-ing their asses off all over the interwebz — “SummerFag”.

Summerfag has nothing to do with gender, or sexual preference, but rather is a term to describe new Anonymous would be 14-16 year old members who jump on the bandwagon during spring or summer break, fire up their lazors, and DDOS the shit out of websites without any sort of VPN protection.
Even more hilarious, they thought they were social engineering me, which, in case anyone missed the memo, is something that I do for a living.

They even reached out to WTOV-9 news anchor, Ryan Eldredge, in a completely unrelated matter, and advised him to block me instead of discussing Dawn Hutchison and the growing need of mental healthcare in the Ohio Valley region.

Ryan Eldredge Ryan Eldredge Ryan Eldredge Ryan Eldredge



Ryan followed the advice of these would be “hackers” (and I use that term loosely), who have already committed several felonies.


A couple of things here:

  1. I have already spoken to the NC licensing board, specifically Agent Triplett, who assured me what I do is completely legal.
  2. I have already gained my application from the NC licensing board, and have shown this evidence in court during the hearing with Moorer Case Discussion member, Mary Peeples, a case which I won.


The server was immediately and subsequently deleted when I messaged Shonte’ asking who Sloan Dawson was.

These conversations amused me, and I have no interest in reporting them to law enforcement.

However, when the founder of the operation E-mailed me yesterday, pretending (poorly) to be just a regular participant (like I wouldn’t recognize the name reference in his email), I told him that I would destroy him and everything he loved if he even so much as blinked at my family again.

Cyber Guard


Do I know what Shonte’s angle is?


I don’t know what it is any more than I know if I should use double apostrophes on her name when trying to show grammatical possession.

The big kicker?

I don’t care.

The only thing I care about is finding Heather, and making sure the correct people are punished for it, which is why I took up investigating the case myself, free of charge.

I don’t think that Shonte’ organized this failure of an operation, and I have a pretty decent idea of who did.

Moral of the story – don’t think you can outsmart me. It does not work.

Here is a list of all of the operation’s participants, along with user ID number that will correspond to their identity should I decide to subpoena Discord.

OpDeric Names and Ranks:



ǞʍƱʍƱ#7408 – No rank

THEOMINOUSWIND#9382 – Foot Soldier

TEE_REKS#7489 – No Rank

NOVA#4049 -Exploiter

MR.X#8891 – Foot Soldier

MR.SLASH#1886 – Foot Soldier

MOON RIVER#2656 – Foot Soldier

MIZZEN#6712 – Foot Soldier

KNB4HE#9394 – No Rank


CAPT.CYRENCE#1815 – Captain

ANONYMOUS432#7190 – Foot Soldier

ANON31#2273 – Foot Soldier

ANON000#4213 – Exploiter

ANON-INFERNO#6356 – Foot Soldier

ANON GHOST#1117 – Doxer

<CY> AFFINITY#6773 – Foot Soldier

รWITC#8509 – No rank

PRIDE#9179 – First Lieutenant

CHAX#9372 -Exploiter

Ŋ0Ѵ0CAƗՌƐ#2180  – Foot Soldier

MR.X#8891 – Foot Soldier

BLACK JOHNSON#8256 – Foot Soldier



Read the full chat logs below, click to read:

Chat Logs start through april 22 2016 Redacted Version



Anon Mask

Checkmate 🙂

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  2. Pride

    hello Deric,
    I am sorry about all that stuff up top. I’m on your list. I’m Pride. I’ll even say it on skype,discord, teamspeak, or in this comment. I did not have anything to do with this op against you. I stopped working on it because i could tell it was nonsense and I didn’t even continue to deal with it since i had my own things to deal with. Anyway I am sorry for this happening, you are not a bad guy.

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