E-Discovery, Taking New Steps in My Career


I am proud to announce that I am moving forward with my company, Opsec CyberSecurity Solutions, LLC.

We will soon be re-branding the company into one that hunts down the vile people that consume their lives tormenting others via the internet, compiling evidence for the victims, and working hand in hand with attorneys and law enforcement all over the United States.

I have obtained a copy of a new e-discovery tool called X1 Social Discovery, which auto-logs web, email, and social media accounts, their posts, links, users, metadata and more into easy to use, court defensible evidence outputs, putting our company at the forefront of the fight against cyber-stalking.

Furthermore, I am re-enrolling in college and continuing my education in criminal justice, with a minor in data forensics.

I will also be obtaining multiple e-discovery certifications, taking the LSAT, and then starting my courses in law school.

I am confident, that with the growing field of e-discovery, that this will set our company in stone as one of the first in the central North Carolina area.

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