Deric Lostutter Sent To Prison For Freedom Of Speech

Deric Lostutter

I want to first state that I have been an author on this website for a period that predates Deric Lostutter’s and his indictment, that I am a citizen of North Carolina, and that this website, and all of it’s contents are within the jurisdiction of North Carolina, and that I, in no way, submit to the jurisdiction of Kentucky. As Deric’s power of attorney, I have access to all of his North Carolina assets, including his website.


That being said, hello. My name is Jennifer Lostutter, and I am the wife of the now imprisoned Anonymous activist, Deric Lostutter, also known as “KYAnonymous.

Since Deric’s days of crusading for justice for an underage rape victim in Steubenville, Ohio, he met me, we fell in love, lost our first daughter, Jade, and were blessed with a beautiful rainbow baby, Fiona, who was born 2 months premature and weighing in at just 2 pounds.

Deric was indicted for charges related to his hacking and activism regarding the infamous Steubenville Rape case in July of 2016, and in March of 2017, was actually sentenced to MORE TIME than one of the rapists served.

His activism was crucial in bringing multiple indictments against school officials, which ultimately resulted in convictions for some of them on the cover-up. These charges include, contributing to minors, tampering with evidence, and more.

Apparently, within the Eastern District of Kentucky, penetrating a $12 website to raise awareness for a cover-up meant to protect two star football players (who were arrested for their crime before Deric’s involvement, but subsequently, and almost immediately released and allowed to play football, and who then had access to witnesses) is a more serious and heinous crime than penetrating a woman.

Deric, worried that trial may go the wrong way with the presiding judge’s history of clearing the record of a violent rapist, and a previous appeal that was won which showed the very same judge basically falsified or structured transcripts in a not-so-true way that showed favor to the government, entered a plea deal to which he had no choice but to allow some inflammatory language and, as our current administration would call them, alternative facts.

These “alternative facts” stated that my husband only sought fame and fortune (despite being homeless for a period of time after the FBI and SWAT team kicked his door in, and despite that he was already previously in the media for his activism regarding Sandy Hook and the counter-protests happening to protect the children’s funerals from the bigots over at the Westboro Baptist Church) and multiple other reasons that the government felt it could use to discredit the kind and caring personality that my husband portrays to complete strangers and friends alike.

Why take a plea deal with such language? He was afraid that if trial could go wrong, he would not see his daughter for 25 years. He wanted to put this all behind him, and three years later, an overzealous prosecutor has seen fit to not only prosecute a MAN who stood up for WOMEN who have been RAPED, but also force a rape victim to re-hash the violent assault that happened to her again when she has put this whole entire dilemma behind her.

Now, the office of the prosecuting attorney is attempting to stifle my speech, because I support and love my husband. Much like the way that they tried to stifle the speech of the media by sending this confidential “memo” not to be quoted, out to the media:

Deric Lostutter
The Government Office Request To Media Regarding Deric Lostutter’s Case
Deric Lostutter
The Government Office Request To Media Regarding Deric Lostutter’s Case



How are they attempting to stifle my speech you ask?

By forcibly kidnapping my husband for my Twitter account that shows support for him because I love him.  It is an account that was formed in North Carolina, outside of the jurisdiction of Kentucky.

Just a Twitter post you ask?

No, they are also ripping my husband away from his daughter and wife because I posted a photo of us to my private Instagram, un-ironically also outside of the jurisdiction of Kentucky.



Deric had no knowledge of that post when it happened, because he was actually at work, 10 days later, when it was posted. Working heavy commercial construction to stack as much as he could earn for his daughter and I when he was supposed to report to prison, May 8th, his 30th birthday.

Deric Lostutter
Deric Lostutter at his Construction Job


My phone is password protected, as are my accounts. I am free to show support for my husband, as is anyone.

By the government’s flawed logic, any person who photographs my husband, including those who try to imprison him, are contributing to another violation.

You can read the government and probation office’s violation report here: Deric Lostutter Violation

Who is Alexandria Goddard?

The woman who reported him is the original blogger of the Steubenville rape case who got him involved in the first place and fed him all of the information pertaining to the case, even the information he was punished for that was proven false related to the website owner that he hacked.

Not only is she the original blogger, but she also contributes to, and has administrative access to an illegal defamatory website in Deric’s name, which I won’t link here.

In negotiations to bring that site down, she requested that Deric’s reputation manager give her a large media platform so that she could write books and be paid for them, as well as media appearances, attempting to profit off of the back of a rape victim. When they wouldn’t transfer the defamatory domain to Deric, she declined, and it went live again.

She, and her co-defendant, are being sued (Read complaint here: Federal Lawsuit)in Federal Court by my husband for illegally distributing revenge porn of myself, targeting our children with harassment such as calling a newborn preemie little girl a “retard”:

Alexandria Goddard
Alexandria Goddard A.K.A. “Prinnie” or “Prinniedidit” harassing our premature daughter, Fiona.


This is just the tip of the iceberg.

They have been manipulating the prosecutor’s office and the courts for almost a year now to try to stop my husband from litigating against them and protecting his family.

Deric may be in prison, but he can’t be unconstitutionally restrained from litigating his case, and has full access to a legal library, upon which the court will accept process by mail, or by hand delivery by me, his power of attorney.

There is only one victim in this case: The rape victim.

A jaded blogger who targets children and a prosecutor who attempts to silence free speech would have you think otherwise.

I will post my husband’s address for writing when he is in a stable location and able to receive mail.

So, as I stated in my video, thank you for your support.

This too, shall pass.

My husband is strong, and this only makes him more determined to see actual justice done and protect his family.

You may donate to the GoFundMe on this website. (The PayPal link no longer works)

The donations help offset bills while Deric is away and I am working, and help provide for his daughter, who, with more people like my husband, will grow up in a world where rape is not a sport.


–  Jennifer Lostutter


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