Court, Court, Court.


Court Court Court Court Court

That’s all I seem to do.

It seems that no matter what I do, signing off Twitter to enjoy the weekend,  it drives these stalkers nuts.

3 in particular.

Its petty if you ask me.

Grown people have nothing better to do than hide behind animated avatars and devote entire nights to mentioning my name.

Flattered at first, but now its pathetic, obsessive, and in some cases, criminal in behavior.

Stalking all hours of the night.

They literally spend the entire night, and stalk every post, every aspect of my life.

I wonder what is going on in their personal lives that they feel the need to escape and replace with aspects of my life?

These people ensure that I spend a good 3rd of my week filing.

You would think they had a hobby.


Wait….(checks pulse)…am I a hobby?


Deric Lostutter - Court

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5 thoughts on “Court, Court, Court.

  1. The truth is Derk, that while we have entirely way to much fun with the ammo you provide us with on a daily basis, that if you had a clue what you were doing and saying and how people perceive your ignorance, none of this would happen. For instance, posting Mr Olsen’s alleged order. Its does not take a lawyer to know that in ANY case evidence is not rendered to the either party until its classified as discovery, or pretrial evidence. So stating that “he” needs to turn over domain ownership information and/or names and contact information with anyone associated with to you directly is ridiculous. So of course people are going to pick you apart. It simply doesn’t work that way and normal people know this… Stop giving the public so much ammo to throw your direction..
    Is it a mental illness that prevents you from realizing that not engaging with these people would ultimately solve the problem? While bragging about being at the bar every night, grilling expensive foods, videos of your hotel room (which someone truly in fear for their safety would never do btw), and some many other costly ventures, and then turn around and post gofundme begz is equally ridiculous!! There has to be an explanation for your actions Derk? Normal people do not behave this way. People get jobs, support themselves, and in desperate times reach out for help and are humble and often embarrassed.. But not you, brag and beg has become your mantra..
    So continue to give the world ammunition and complain that people hurt and offend you. We all love watching you crash and burn daily.

  2. dericlostutter

    Actually, my like-named friend, subpoenas completely circumvent the discovery process. It is COURT ORDERED, that he produce this information, but thank you for playing!

  3. Its very simple. And there’s no point arguing over FACTS. Here’s a site that will explain basic evidence laws, procedures, and conduct. Its equally beneficial for ProSe broke ass people. Enjoy the read. It’ll also be posted on>Criminal-Law-Basics.

    Your Welcome. Hope it helps Bud.

  4. dericlostutter

    Yeah… still can’t quote the actual statute that limits me? <3

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