BREAKING: Judge Issues Mistrial for Sidney Moorer in Heather Elvis Case

Sidney Moorer

9 hours of deliberation proved that the jury in Horry County did not want to convict a man with little to no hard evidence against him. A witch hunt has ensued against Sidney Moorer and his wife Tammy, brought on by the father of Heather Elvis, who was outraged at the fact his 20 year old daughter was having an affair with a married man.

Since the trial, the Moorers have violated the gag order on the case, to tell their side of the story in an effort to not get railroaded by the prosecution.

Already convicted in the eyes of many, today a testament was made that proved not all people show up at your house with pitchforks and burning torches.

The case may be retried, and the gag order has been lifted, but not before a violation show cause was scheduled for September regarding the gag order.

I presume that the violation will not stick, as the gag order was not obeyed by either the prosecution, or the defense, and the gag order was lifted today.

Justice, for now, has prevailed, and circumstantial evidence was not enough to convict a man of a crime he may not have committed.

In the United States we are presumed innocent, until proven guilty, and the prosecution has proven that they do not have enough evidence to conquer the burden of proof placed upon them by the court.


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