Alexandria Goddard’s (Shoddy) Coverage of the Heather Elvis Case

Heather Elvis

Alexandria Goddard, a defendant in a cyber-stalking case in North Carolina wherein I am the plaintiff, has decided to take her stalking a step further, and inject herself in a case to which she has never spoken on before.

This case involves a missing woman, Heather Elvis, from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

I covered this as an investigative Journalist via and even touched on the evidence that could implicate her own father in her disappearance. Recently, the accused murderers, (even though no body has ever been recovered to prove she is indeed dead), have had their charges dropped.

Goddard, in her infinite wisdom, decided to cover the case at the request of the Moorer Discussion Group.

This is a group that has posted pedophilia style pictures of people who have hired me to do only one job, and that is to legally find the identity of their stalkers for legal action.

She has, like the rest of the Moorer witch hunt participants, sided yet again with people who prefer to talk down on children, stalk children, post sexual comments about children, and even cannibalistic style banter.

She has blocked my IP address from backlinking her blog, so you may read her “coverage” below:


She has some major inaccuracies in her post, not unlike the rest of her “expert witness” analyses that she chooses to post.

I will begin (easily) tearing her statements to shreds, and delight in the fact that it will enrage those who have persecuted the wrong couple for the tragic disappearance of Heather Elvis.


Over the years while writing about cases, I have seen a lot of bad behavior. Mostly, the egregious behavior is coming from the true crime groupies who ‘follow’ the cases, but rarely have I witnessed the accused (both who happen to be under a gag order from the state) speak out prior to trial.” (Prinnie)

The gag order is unconstitutional because it has allowed police and prosecutors to hide behind it.

This has not only delayed finding Heather, but has allowed “vigilantes to run amok” without recourse, and has allowed the police and prosecutors to operate in a seemingly unethical and possibly illegal manner that has been highly detrimental to the case.

Presumably the purpose was to preserve the Moorers’ right to a fair trial. In actuality, it’s given public officials a fancy permission slip to conduct the public’s business in secret. –MyHorryNews

Without the proper checks and balances and the transparency in government for which our country was founded upon, how can government officials be held accountable especially in situations of potential corruption?

In a little over two years, the lead prosecutor on the Heather Elvis case, Donna Elder, was mysteriously transferred to the South Carolina Department of Revenue office in October of 2014, while being sued in an unrelated case for corrupt activities.

In addition, the original judge was taken off the case, investigators on the case have been mysteriously fired or transferred, and a former detective closely involved with the case is under investigation for sexually assaulting multiple crime victims while he was supposed to be working on their cases.

Saundra Rhodes, the police chief, claimed in a press conference that police recovered key evidence at the Moorers’ home.

This “evidence” may have been used to obtain the murder indictments for Tammy and Sidney Moorer.

This “evidence” which was also used to convict the Moorers in the media and the court of public opinion was later determined to be “mistakes.”

The prosecution admitted at that time that they have no direct evidence tying the Moorers to their charges.

Last but not least, two friends of Terry Elvis were charged with obstruction of justice in the case.

The Moorers and those that support them have been harassed and threatened since day one, beginning with Terry Elvis calling Sidney on December 19, 2013 and threatening his children. With all this being said, at this point, the Moorers have every reason to be speaking out before trial.”


To quote Alexandria Goddard, the founder of Xander Business Group in Columbus Ohio;

This case is of interest to me because of the individual who was sought out and paid by a particularly hateful group of true crime groupies who support the accused to ‘hack’ their online enemies.”


#1) The women involved with hiring the person Prinnie is referencing are NOT “true crime groupies.” In fact, most, if not all of these women had never followed a true crime case in their lives.

#2) These women are NOT hateful. They have been attacked, harassed, stalked and tormented for their beliefs and opinions related to this case by Terry Elvis and the “true crime groupies” that support him.

From behind fake Facebook accounts and pages that conceal these people’s identities, they have described in graphic detail threats of murder, rape, mutilation and kidnapping against innocent children and adults.

They have posted photos of one woman’s children with a man’s penis photoshopped over their faces, referring to the children as “murdering cunts” and using homophobic slurs in reference to these children.

The real “true crime groupies” also disabled the social media accounts of 6+ people by fraudulently submitting faked death certificates or obituaries to Facebook. As a result, their victims’ accounts were “memorialized” by Facebook.

One of the victims was one of the defendants in the case.

In order to regain access to their accounts, the victims of this crime, (it is perjury according to Facebook’s submission form), had to go through a grueling process of proving to Facebook that they were not, in fact, deceased.

During this time, an attempt was made to take over the account of one of the victims whom received an email from Facebook stating that someone else had already verified her identity.

#3) These women did NOT hire anyone to commit illegal activities such as hacking.

Rather, this was a fake message that I orchestrated to socially engineer the Moorer Case Discussion Facebook Group, which worked when one of the participants, Mary Peeples, sought a protection order on me in Stokes County North Carolina.

After proving the evidence Ms. Peeple’s submitted was perjerous and falsified by submitting my own evidence to the contrary, and pointing out that she was only seeking the order to hinder my investigation, the order was summarily dismissed by the presiding Judge.

They retained the services of Deric Lostutter to help uncover the identities of their tormentors for the purpose of being able to report them to law enforcement for their crimes.

To date, police had taken numerous reports regarding this situation, however, without the identities of their tormentors, these women could not persue criminal or civil charges.

#4) Why is this person of particular interest to Prinnie?? Is she stalking the online and work activities of Deric, the person who she is trying to litigate against? This is defamation of character and attempt to hurt my livelihood.

Alexandria is only attacking me because she failed to benefit financially from involving me in the Steubenville case, and the internet is full of information about her antics in doing so.  As such, her reckless “journalism” has only benefited people who have the tendencies of the very sex offenders she claims to despise.

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