Activist Deric Lostutter Indicted by the Federal Government, and Needs Your Help

Deric Lostutter

Greetings citizens of the world,

My name is Deric Lostutter.

You may remember me as the activist that made international headlines standing up for rape victims in 2013 after I was raided by the F.B.I. in which my belongings were taken, and my life was turned upside down. 

Exposing a rape cover-up to the media resulted in the indictment of 4 school officials, including the Superintendent and the Coach on various charges stemming to tampering with evidence to impeding an investigation.

On that day in April 2013, my life changed forever.


I have tried to make the most of the past 3 years, even moving out of Kentucky, and getting married to the love of my life, Jennifer.

Deric Lostutter



We tried to get pregnant, and finally succeeded in the summer of 2015, only to have our daughter, Jade, stillborn and cremated last January.

Deric Lostutter



Since the extreme coverage of the Ohio case, I have had to become self employed due to my notoriety, and made a living doing what I do best: helping people in need.

I have since helped various people;

Including Harvard MBA graduates caught up in custody cases:

Deric Lostutter

I have also helped people with disabled children who were being scammed:

Deric Lostutter

and, I even helped another high profile rape case, the Maryville Missouri Daisy Coleman case:

Deric Lostutter


Three years have passed without a word from the federal government regarding the status of my case, and my life was slowly returning back to normal.

Until, on July 7th 2016, just one year away from the statute running out, I was indicted in the state of Kentucky on 4 felony counts of violating the very outdated Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, facing a maximum of 16 years.

I had just begun to re-establish myself, and, with my wife newly pregnant with our second child together, was looking forward to a sense of normalcy.

Jennifer Lostutter


Because of this indictment, contracts for investigation work that I have secured have begun to back out on me.

I have a high-risk pregnant wife, and a duty as a father and husband to provide for my family to the best of my ability.


Deric Lostutter

The federal government indicted me despite over 400,000 signatures gathered by Demand Progress and UltraViolet to drop the case against me, I have fallen on desperate times.

The first court date is August 9th, 2016 in Lexington Kentucky.

The trial could take years according to my attorney, Tor Ekeland.

He has authorized me to set up a donation fund to help offset living expenses during this difficult time.

Travel back and forth between states for meetings with my lawyer, and court, as well as trying to maintain some sort of stable living situation will prove to be most difficult, BUT, with your help, I know we can beat these outrageous charges.

Together we can change the world, and the quality of life for generations to come.


I will always stand with you, and if it is in your heart, please, stand with my family.

-Deric Lostutter



Donate to the Deric Lostutter Support Fund

by clicking this button:


You may donate to my lawyer here, which covers the defense expenses, which are seperate:

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5 thoughts on “Activist Deric Lostutter Indicted by the Federal Government, and Needs Your Help

  1. Hey Deric!
    It is outrageous that people that tell the TRUTH get incarcerated, and those that lie and kill get elected as persident!

    Deric I was there, reading, each day, cheering on that you did what you did.

    Plenty of Anon activists and hacktivists are being jailed now, it’s happening faster and more frequently.

    The feds are after @_s1ege and Ghost Squad Hackers for the month of bankster turmoil 😛

    They are after anyone and everyone that speaks against the police right now.

    Plenty of us are starting to wonder… as we expose truth, and we get jailed/prisoned, they lie, they kill, they SUCCEED in life, and go on, then, why are we doing this? will we ever win? will we ever have a JUST world to live in????


    I cannot fathom how it is to sit in jail and you’ve got celllies that have killed, raped, stolen, etc… asking you, “What you do?”

    yeah, you helped someone, you exposed truth, you did good, but now you’re indicted?

    Makes no sense bro.

    I know a lot of us are taking the mask off, a lot of us aren’t “giving up” but finding a different means, we can’t beat them at this game, it’s THEIR GAME man.


  2. If people had left that rotting carcass of an activist movement when I said they wouldn’t be in jail or about to be.

    Anonymous is nothing more than a dissident trap nowadays…

  3. Elke

    I just can’t stand it! I have contacted my congressman to see if he can do ANYTHING to stop this. DERIC LOSTUTTER DESERVES A PARADE, NOT PROSECUTION. This is insane.

  4. Anonymous

    Thank u for your sacrifice in finding real text and justice.

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